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Bursts of colour in two new intense shades.

Audio Pro T3+ Green and Coral 1Audio Pro T3+ Green and Coral 1

Audio Pro bolsters its popular T3+ speaker with two new colourways: Garden Green and Coral Red editions of the T3+ will see the light of day this December.


The pandemic has reminded us all of the value of gardens and green spaces. While social interaction has been limited, the ability to retreat to a garden or green space has been important for many of us.


This theme has now spread to the interior design industry, where the colour green has become the hottest interior design trend; something which speaker designer Audio Pro has embraced, and has inspired the brand to release the award-winning T3+ speaker in its new ‘garden green’ colourway – one of two new colour finishes joining the Audio Pro portfolio.


The deep green hue resembles the luscious leaves in a growing garden. It works well both in a bedroom to encourage rest, but also in a lounge, with the feel of a British library complete with Chesterfield sofas and mahogany shelving.


The Bluetooth speaker is also perfectly portable, allowing you to take the newest design out into the garden and enjoy it in all scenarios.


Audio Pro, on a mission to help everyone find their own favourite speaker, has also released the T3+ in a contrasting ’coral’ shade. This vibrant colourway brightens even the dullest of environments. It will rarely go unnoticed, and is inspired by the marine creatures who live on tropical seabed reefs. The colour refers to the intense red or pink-orange skeletons of precious coral, which have historically been used to make jewellery. 


In many cultures, coral is considered auspicious and has been used as a lucky charm for many centuries. The oldest red coral jewellery can be dated back as far as 3000BC, to the Mesopotamian civilisation. Coral red is considered more sophisticated than orange; less feminine than pink but not as aggressive as red. Coral red strikes the perfect balance between the warmer tones of the colour spectrum; it is a colour that carries positive connotations, and is often associated with summer holidays and trips to exotic places.


These new injections of colour are limited edition additions to Audio Pro’s range. Jens Henriksen, CCO at Audio Pro, explains: “Our idea with these limited edition colourways is mainly to offer a boost to the regular range.


We understand the new colours do not suit everyone and all homes, but in some cases, they will cheer up and inspire. A speaker does not always have to be black or grey. We want to be able to offer speakers for all types of rooms and all types of taste preferences, something which is clearly appreciated by consumers, as these limited edition colourways often sell out much earlier than we would anticipate.”

About Audio Pro

Audio Pro is a Swedish company with strong roots in the early HiFi industry. The company has designed, developed and manufactured speakers since 1978 and is today available in over 55 countries globally. Audio Pro launched in the 70’s a range of active speakers with advanced technology and high sound quality, that have become milestones in the history of speakers. Today Audio Pro is still a strong and innovative company, managed with high entrepreneurial spirit, and the active speakers have now been equipped with wireless, multiroom and smart voice-control features. Since 2012 the company have also entered the commercial segment with a range of products for retail and hospitality. The brand Audio Pro Business offers wireless speaker systems for stores, restaurants, hotels etc. In recent years, Audio Pro has increased its focus on more sustainable solutions, by e.g. prolonging the life span of its products.


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