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JYSK stores enhance customer experience globally by wireless sound

JYSK, Audio Pro BusinessJYSK, Audio Pro Business

The very successful JYSK is growing fast internationally and is taking the opportunity to improve the customer in store experience during the same process. In the coming years, the Swedish speaker manufacturer Audio Pro will equip JYSK stores with wireless sound from the company's Audio Pro Business range, all to increase the well-being of both customers and staff.


Michael Beck, Category Manager at JYSK explains; “We needed a sound system that was both easy to install and possible to adjust in regards of placement, as the store's interior often is adjusted and updated. Audio Pro Business was able to offer such a product solution, that also met our requirements regarding quality and sound experience” Jens Henriksen CCO at Audio Pro comments; “We find JYSK to be a very modern company in its way of thinking; they care a lot about the overall experience in the store, and the sound is also included as an important part of the overall impression. They want to entertain the customer during their visit to the store, and also make sure that the staff has a good working environment.”


Ola Grahn sales manager at Audio Pro Business clarifies; After doing some test assemblies in some of JYSK's stores, we agreed with JYSK that a “kit” of app. 6 white SP3 speakers would be suitable to send out to each store. With the help of LCD as distribution partner, this store-adapted kit is delivered as a complete ‘plug and play’ solution, containing speakers, transmitters and volume control. The staff themselves can click these speakers easily into the existing electrical rails used for the lighting fixture in the store. No advanced installers are required to assemble our system on site, and the staff knows best how the store is designed and thus how the sound would give the best experience effect.

About Audio Pro

Audio Pro is a Swedish company with strong roots in the early HiFi industry. The company has designed, developed and manufactured speakers since 1978 and is today available in over 55 countries globally. Audio Pro launched in the 70’s a range of active speakers with advanced technology and high sound quality, that have become milestones in the history of speakers. Today Audio Pro is still a strong and innovative company, managed with high entrepreneurial spirit, and the active speakers have now been equipped with wireless, multiroom and smart voice-control features. Since 2012 the company have also entered the commercial segment with a range of products for retail and hospitality. The brand Audio Pro Business offers wireless speaker systems for stores, restaurants, hotels etc. In recent years, Audio Pro has increased its focus on more sustainable solutions, by e.g. prolonging the life span of its products.


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