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More Music – More Speakers


Globally, we are consuming more and more music – in the home and garden, as well as when we travel – thus driving a rise in demand for different types of speaker. In response to this, Audio Pro have broadened their range of active speakers throughout 2018/2019 with the release of a number of new models, and more on the horizon.

Not too long ago, when you wanted to listen to music, you would place a vinyl record on your record player at home. Then CDs were launched – the music became digital and the records became smaller and more portable, to be played both in the house as well as in the car. Nowadays we stream and listen to music via our smartphones – with access to an enormous music library to enjoy in our houses, our cars and on the road, through speakers or headphones.

Audio Pro’s engineers are continuously improving acoustic design to meet consumer needs, creating speakers with great dynamics, deep bass and huge sound potential. Despite a compact format, Audio Pro equip their speakers with sound resources capable of reaching far beyond what can be expected, giving smaller units the voice and volume required to comfortably fill a mid-size room with music.

Just like the models A10 and A40, launched at the end of 2018, differ in design from the multi-room models of the C-series, the recently announced BT5 Bluetooth speaker aesthetically sets itself apart from its T-series kin, to appeal to an entirely different type of consumer. “As more and more music is consumed in different environments, we must design speakers that will fit everywhere,” says Jens Henriksen, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Audio Pro.


Multi-room Vs. Bluetooth

Over the past few years, Audio Pro have become famous for their award-winning connected sound. Yet, the recently released BT5 makes a break from the multi-room mould, with a Bluetooth-only connection.

The advantage of multi-room is that, by installing the Audio Pro Control app on your smartphone or tablet and connecting to multiple speakers over WiFi, you can control and listen to music in different rooms simultaneously, all from a single mobile device.

If you only have one multi-room speaker in your home, the difference is arguably only in that you are connecting through the local WiFi network instead of via your Bluetooth-enabled device. However, this can still have its advantages, allowing the listener to take phone calls without interrupting the music, in addition to eliminating the need to disconnect / reestablish connections when switching between different control devices or with multiple smartphone users.

Of course, this doesn’t come without cost, with speakers featuring WiFi and multi-room functions sporting a higher ticket price than their Bluetooth equivalents, and where WiFi does not exist everywhere, users are likely to always have a Bluetooth enabled-smartphone or device close at hand. That’s why all Audio Pro multi-room speakers offer interchangeable connection modes as standard – instilling the sense of ‘play nice’ universal listenability for which the brand is known and loved.

For more information, contact:

- Jens Henriksen, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, +46 705-43 83 00, jens.henriksen@audiopro.se

- Lennart Thulin, Press Contact Norsholmen AB, +46 705-106 106, lennart.thulin@norsholmen.se

About Audio Pro
Swedish Audio Pro has developed and produced speakers since 1978.The last few years the company has taken the step from subwoofers and analogue stereo speakers to wireless and multiroom speakers. Today Audio Pro is one of the bigger players in their branch of industry and they have won multiple awards for their products, from media in the whole world. Audio Pro is now available in 45 markets globally.

About Audio Pro

AUDIO PRO AB är ett svenskt ljudföretag med djupa rötter i HiFi-traditionen. Audio Pro har designat, utvecklat och tillverkat högtalare sedan 1978 och exporterar idag till över 45 länder. Audio Pro lanserade på 70-talet en rad aktiva högtalare som med avancerad teknologi och hög ljudkvalité har blivit milstolpar i högtalarhistorien. Idag är Audio Pro ett starkt och innovativt företag som drivs av en utpräglad entreprenörsanda där aktiva högtalare återigen står i fokus, nu med trådlösa möjligheter.


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