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Neutral colours for superior sound.

Audio Pro, C10 MkII sage green and sand 1Audio Pro, C10 MkII sage green and sand 1

In mid-January, the Swedish speaker designer Audio Pro is set to add two new colourways to its award-winning speaker collection C10 MkII: Sage Green and Sand.


The home, which is primarily regarded as a place for both activity and recovery, has also had to meet a need to function as a place for mindfulness. This requires a harmonious and restful home, and one way to achieve this is to feature interiors with neutral colour tones, an interior design trend that has become increasingly popular recently.

To keep up with these trends, Audio Pro has created a new colour palette for its popular C10 MkII speaker. Both colours belong to the more subdued colour scale, with the feeling of powdery pastels or natural tones. The beige-coloured speaker, aptly named ‘Sand,' follows the neutral trend and draws inspiration from industrial interior design trends that frequently display a raw, concrete look.


The second speaker, ‘Sage Green’, was inspired by dried sage leaves. This greyish green is undeniably reminiscent of spice leaves, and works well when paired with pale tones of light yellow, light grey, and pale pink. Interestingly, it also pairs nicely as a contrast to more luminous colours like violet and gold, emphasising their more daring expression.

Despite its small size, the C10 MkII is a powerful speaker that can easily fill a living room with music. Jens Henriksen, CCO at Audio Pro explains: “Our C10 is one of our most popular speakers and has won numerous awards over the years. Since the release of its upgraded version, the C10 MkII, almost a year ago, the model has grown even more popular, as it offers three different multi-room systems, including AirPlay 2 and Google Cast, as well as our own Audio Pro multiroom. Of course, it's also nice that we can tease the visual mind by displaying different colours on the speaker.”


These two new colour shades, unlike their black, grey, and white counterparts, have two noticeable aesthetic differences. Instead of the usual fabric front, the treble and base are now clearly visible, with a leather handle on top.


Henriksen continued, "Because we want the speaker to be a part of the interior scheme, we try to offer many different types of design, and thus many different colours, so that there is a speaker best suited to the look of the home. We've noticed a lot of interest in our limited editions, perhaps because they are often classified as unusual colours. Not everyone wants a speaker that is black or grey. And, of course, we agree."

About Audio Pro

Audio Pro is a Swedish company with strong roots in the early HiFi industry. The company has designed, developed and manufactured speakers since 1978 and is today available in over 55 countries globally. Audio Pro launched in the 70’s a range of active speakers with advanced technology and high sound quality, that have become milestones in the history of speakers. Today Audio Pro is still a strong and innovative company, managed with high entrepreneurial spirit, and the active speakers have now been equipped with wireless, multiroom and smart voice-control features. Since 2012 the company have also entered the commercial segment with a range of products for retail and hospitality. The brand Audio Pro Business offers wireless speaker systems for stores, restaurants, hotels etc. In recent years, Audio Pro has increased its focus on more sustainable solutions, by e.g. prolonging the life span of its products.


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