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Premium sound makes premium appliances shine

Audio Pro, BertazzoniAudio Pro, Bertazzoni

The Italian premium brand Bertazzoni, which produces high-quality appliances for the entire kitchen, everything from stoves to refrigerators, has installed speakers from the Swedish speaker manufacturer Audio Pro in its inspiring showroom in Stockholm, Sweden. Premium sound for premium kitchens, seems to be the motto.

Italian Bertazzoni is the world's oldest family business still owned by the same family. The fifth and sixth generations of Bertazzoni now run the company, which now has turned 140 years old. The town of Guastalla in northern Italy is still the company's home, just as it was in 1882 when the company was founded by Franscesco Bertazzoni and his son Antonio. Back then, the company produced precision scales for the local cheese makers in the Emilia-Romagna region. Now the company's range has grown considerably to be able to offer appliances for the entire kitchen, everything from stoves to refrigerators.

Audio Pro, Bertazzoni

The company's showroom in Stockholm, introduced in 2012, underwent a reconstruction in the beginning of the year. Bertazzoni seized the opportunity to replace the existing sound system, which did not work very well, during this reconstruction. Peter Ericsson, General Manager at Bertazzoni Nordic explains; “Our old speaker system was a bit difficult to use as it required several different steps to get it to play and as a result we avoided using it. Which is a shame, because we think it's positive to play music in a showroom, as it's perceived as more inspirational and inviting. Now that we have installed the speaker system from Audio Pro Business, it has become so easy that anyone can use it. The sound is perceived as clear and distinct, which is important as we want the sound quality to match the quality of our products. Premium sound for premium appliances.”

"We appreciate the simplicity of the Audio Pro Business system, as it is easy to adjust the sound in a specific zone, or simply turn it down completely, if needed when having a meeting with a customer. This option of being able to adapt the sound level in different zones, makes a big difference for us. Sometimes you need silence in one end of the room, but at the same time you would perhaps like to keep playing music in another part of the room. Similarly, if you are attending a video conference you would like to be able turn down the music very easily in the office part of the room, which makes this system very practical," says Peter Ericsson.

Audio Pro, Bertazzoni

Another important feature, to Bertazzoni, when choosing a speaker system was the simplicity of the assembly, and that the products would be esthetically pleasing to fit into their environment. "The option of being able to place in existing electrical rails and thus have flexibility around being able to quickly and easily, without running cables, move the speaker to another location, was important to us. It was basically a mandatory feature for us, as we rearrange our furniture now and then and need to be able to easily adapt the speakers when doing so", Peter Ericsson explains.

Jens Henriksen, CCO at Audio Pro, confirms that the simplicity of handling and assembly as well as the option of sound zones are greatly appreciated by customers. "We are very happy that Bertazzoni now has a high-quality sound system that means that they no longer choose to avoid music, but on the contrary are letting it become a positive part of the shopping experience for their customers. We have learned that music affects the way you experience the store environment to a greater extent than you might think, and it is becoming increasingly important for offline retail to maximize their unique benefits of being able to influence all senses on a completely different level than online retailers are able to do."

About Audio Pro

Audio Pro is a Swedish company with strong roots in the early HiFi industry. The company has designed, developed and manufactured speakers since 1978 and is today available in over 55 countries globally. Audio Pro launched in the 70’s a range of active speakers with advanced technology and high sound quality, that have become milestones in the history of speakers. Today Audio Pro is still a strong and innovative company, managed with high entrepreneurial spirit, and the active speakers have now been equipped with wireless, multiroom and smart voice-control features. Since 2012 the company have also entered the commercial segment with a range of products for retail and hospitality. The brand Audio Pro Business offers wireless speaker systems for stores, restaurants, hotels etc. In recent years, Audio Pro has increased its focus on more sustainable solutions, by e.g. prolonging the life span of its products.


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