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The colour of happiness

Audio Pro T3+ LemonAudio Pro T3+ Lemon

The Swedish speaker manufacturer Audio Pro lets another colourful speaker make its way into their product range. This time they have chosen a bright yellow T3+ to see the light of day.


Colours are an optical phenomenon that has a deeper impact on the human psyche than we might think. Colours are able to subconsciously affect our emotions very strongly, and many interior designers use this knowledge when planning interiors and choosing details for our eyes to rest upon. Culture, upbringing and personal values ​​also affect how one perceives colours, but surely it is exciting to experience the effect a little bit of colour may have? Yellow has in many cultures been called ‘the colour of happiness’, and is often perceived as a warm, positive and youthful colour. Even though, large areas of yellow can get tiresome, and perceived as annoying, a small amount of yellow, such as a speaker, is perceived by many as invigorating and inspiring.


With this in mind, the Swedish speaker manufacturer Audio Pro, has produced a special, limited edition of the very popular Bluetooth speaker T3+ in the colour yellow. They have named it 'Lemon', and the small speaker does undeniably remind you of a basket of sunkissed lemons.


Jens Henriksen, CCO at Audio Pro explains; “The aim was to design a speaker who could brighten things up after a dark year, heavily affected by a pandemic. And what colour is better in doing so than a light and positive, bright yellow?” The speaker, which has become quite popular even in its regular colours, has a battery and a Bluetooth connection that allows it to be used in the garden or on a picnic, for example. And with a battery lasting 30 hours, you can enjoy both the music and the sun at the beach for a long time.


"We expect the yellow speaker to be a popular companion to bring to the beach this summer, where it will shine, just like the sun." continues Jens Henriksen. "The only cloud in the sky may be the  limited edition. That is why we recommend customers who would like to bring a yellow speaker to the beach, to get their hands on this lemon rarity already during early springtime"


"We hope that this yellow colour can brighten the day and be a ray of hope that the world is moving towards brighter times, both in terms of weather and pandemics," concludes a hopeful Jens Henriksen.

About Audio Pro

Audio Pro is a Swedish company with strong roots in the early HiFi industry. The company has designed, developed and manufactured speakers since 1978 and is today available in over 55 countries globally. Audio Pro launched in the 70’s a range of active speakers with advanced technology and high sound quality, that have become milestones in the history of speakers. Today Audio Pro is still a strong and innovative company, managed with high entrepreneurial spirit, and the active speakers have now been equipped with wireless, multiroom and smart voice-control features. Since 2012 the company have also entered the commercial segment with a range of products for retail and hospitality. The brand Audio Pro Business offers wireless speaker systems for stores, restaurants, hotels etc. In recent years, Audio Pro has increased its focus on more sustainable solutions, by e.g. prolonging the life span of its products.


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